We were looking for a production company that could stay with us for the long hall and would be there for us anytime we needed them. KMPearl Production was the right company for our needs. Each member of the 4 man crew were professional and often suggested best ways to shoot our chronicling of the Red Rooster.


Tracey Kemble

Executive, Red Rooster




I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kemuel and his production company for over 10 years. He understands the dynamics for filmmaking...and attending a good film school does provide that foundation. I have been in the television commercial business since the 90s

and Kemuel comes as good as any of the other camera operators, editors, or directors I have worked with. I can say he is more of a friend, that someone I simply hire for a job.


Dominick Rossetti

Rossetti Films




In the first 20 minutes of meeting Kem and his crew I knew we would be having fun. We connected immediatly because these guys know how to be pofessional and have fun at the same time. I have worked with other production companies, but they were not fun to work it. they were good, but I like to feel like you are my family. These guys made me feel that. That's why when ever I have something I need shot, they the first person I call.


Andrea Cheese

The Edge




This is the 8th episode of "Speak Out: Declare Your Day". KMPearl production made every show beautiful. They are very perfossional and paitient, my goodness are they patient. It took me 5 shows before I stopped messing up. Not to mention I had my idea how the reality show should be done...thank God I listened to Kem and his producer who guided me out the sand pit into better episodes of the show. I really love you guys.


Ms. Tisha

Speak Out: Declare You Day